Signs PDQ, Inc. – March 2021 Update

At Signs PDQ we have been working hard to meet the demands of our customers. We've moved into a new space with room to spread our wings. In doing so we were able to acquire a couple new machines: a new laser and a new UV printer. Both in combination with our other machines will [...]

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Photopolymer vs Thermoformed ADA Signs – A Comparative Guide

While photopolymer and thermoformed signs are similar, there are many differences between the two methods and overall customization of the signs. A photopolymer sign is a one piece sign created from a polymer resin (clear plastic in a liquid form) that is hardened to form a plate. 1 That plate is fused with a PETG [...]

ADA Signage in Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities are home to many people who are dealing with a variety of disabilities, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and physical & visual impairment.  Because of this, clear ADA signage is an important priority.  It’s incredibly important for residents to be able to feel secure, oriented, and independent in the places where they live.  [...]

Do My Signs REALLY Have to be ADA Compliant?

How important is ADA compliance, really? You may find yourself wondering why it really matters to make sure all your signage follows the rules set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some of those rules might not even really make sense to the average person, like the rules about text size. What’s the difference [...]

Top 5 Ways to Create High-Visibility ADA Signage

Considering the visibility of ADA signs is important when purchasing signage. ADA guidelines are designed to make sure that signage is accessible to those with vision impairment. But this means a lot more than just making sure each sign has compliant braille on it! The color and contrast specifications in ADA [...]

ADA 101 Part 2: The Basics

You already know that ADA signs are required by law in public buildings and why. You already know that ADA signs don’t all have to look exactly the same– you can follow the guidelines and still have signs that look unique. There’s a wide range of colors, materials and styles available for ADA signage, [...]

7 Ways for ADA Signs to Stand Out in a Crowd

ADA signs are bright blue. Matte black. White. When someone mentions ADA signs, the image most people conjure up is standard. They're easy to read. Located near doors. Braille at the bottom. Often some kind of pictogram. Block lettering. We make ADA signs and sell them at wholesale prices, and many of the signs [...]

ADA Signage 101: What are ADA signs and why do they matter?

ADA signage is present in just about every public building in the US. We spend our whole lives surrounded by it in schools, churches, airports, doctor’s offices, restaurants– you name it. Most of us never really give it much thought. It simply exists, telling us where to go in a new place.   ADA [...]

Granite Backed ADA Signs

Granite ADA Signs are a beautifully elegant way to display required ADA signage. Not only are granite signs a professional approach when used at your your business, but they are durable. Granite resists most abrasion, resists weathering, is easily polished, and can make a simple hallway look beautiful. While granite is often used for [...]

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Wholesale ADA Compliant Slider Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Wholesale ADA Compliant Signs ADA Slider Signs, Room Identification Signs and Restroom Signs TRUE Wholesale ADA compliant standoff signs, slider signs, multi-layer signs, room identification signs, braille signs and any other kind of ADA Sign you can imagine. That's what we have at ADA Signs Wholesale and [...]

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