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ADA compliant Signs with Custom Back Painted Acrylic with Tactile and Braille

ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ offer you numerous color options for your custom ADA signs. If you can’t find a suitable color from the standard colors offered for your ADA signs- no worries.  Back painting the signage is an option. 

Back painted custom ADA signs are a great way to be sure you can match your signs to your decor. As always, even custom back painted signs are sold at TRUE wholesale prices.

A matte finished acrylic can have custom colors painted on the second surface.  This gives this type of signage a rich finish and added depth once the tactile and braille are applied to the first surface.

As with any custom sign you aren’t limited to color, size and shape.  Mix and match colors to create unique looks to differentiate yourself from the pack!

Custom back painted acrylic ADA Signs
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Match your ADA Signs to your building's decor!

Standard colors don't match? Don't worry. We offer back painted braille and engraved ADA compliant signs at wholesale prices.
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