Education: Wholesale ADA Signs: Knowing What Signs Are Needed

A Variety of ADA Signs

Signs PDQ wholesales ADA/Braille signs.

A General Contractor has called on you to determine what signs will be needed for a project they are building or renovating.  You will want to begin with the number of rooms and restrooms that will exist.  Stairways are also important as signs will be needed to inform visitors that there is an existing stairway and a floor number to inform guests what floor they are on.  Elevators are treated in a similar manner.  Warnings signs stating to use stairways in case of fire ar important.  The owner will decide the quantity of no smoking signs and where they will be hung. Public bathrooms are also important.  Mens, ladies, family restrooms are all part of the plan…just count them!  Wayfinding signage and directories are key to the project depending on the type of building it is.  Evacuation maps will be determined by the architect.  The sign company prints the map and inserts it into the frame. Many times Exit signs are provided by the electrical contractor.  At this time you will sit down with the plans and count the rooms by sign type.  You will use these quantities to formulate your bid.  If you have a question regarding this type of project contact  He will advise you on your next step.

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