Industry News: Signs PDQ offers TRUE wholesale pricing on ADA/Braille Signs

You’ve been asked (ITB- Invitation To Bid) by a General Contractor. When a GC requests a bid from you it is obviously courteous to respond.  Not only is it courteous, but this gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with this contractor.  Before you decide if you will be bidding, we advise you to look over the bid and compile a list of questions you may have.  Responding to an estimator in a timely fashion is ideal….the continuing of a relationship. Get your hands on the plans! Most plans are available on line. Many GC’s have on-line plan rooms.  It is possible that they have included the link with the invitation.  If not, you will be instructed on what site to visit in order to view the plans.  If you’re fortunate a “door schedule” will exist and the sign may have been counted for you.  There will be architectural drawings that show you the types of ADA/Braille engraved signs they are looking for.  You will see what type of signs are required.  You may have to count the signs yourself and even determine  the quantity of each style.  If a symbol is designated for each ADA sign style you will need to look for these on the drawings of each level in the building.  Contact Signs PDQ at 440-951-6651  or email dotoole@signs

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