Matching Existing ADA Signs with Signs PDQ

Matching Existing ADA Signs

You have a customer that needs a few ADA signs to match existing signs.  Signs PDQ can certainly help.  It is ideal if you can obtain a live sample for us to match. If this isn’t possible take a photo of your sign from the front and side view.  This will help us determine how the original signs have been built.  Next you can go to to locate color matches.  As you know, the color you see on your screen may not be exactly the way the end product looks.  It will be close…but may not be exact!

Signs PDQ or Rowmark can provide you with a hard copy catalogue.  There is a possibility that the sign we are duplicating is back painted a custom color.  You can refer to the Sherwin WIlliams color chart.  We would suggest your customer signing off on the chosen colors.  Once colors are in place we will need to know the quantity, size and text. If frames are involved Signs PDQ can certainly recommend a vendor to duplicate the frame.  Standoffs are treated the same way.  The photo you take needs to reflect all of the features of the current signs.

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