Signs PDQ: Finding the Right ADA Customer is Your Key to Success!

The Right ADA Customer

When it comes to signs finding the right customer is the key to success.  Signs PDQ finds that General Contractors are typically in need of ADA signs.  Finding these general contractors is the first step.  Perhaps your city has the “Bluebook”.  This book lists names of contractors that will be bidding jobs.  See if you can locate your local Builder’s Exchange or Dodge Reports.

Yes, there is a membership fee but they usually offer a no cost trial period.  Contacting the General Contractor is key in this process. This call will begin this relationship. Signs PDQ finds that contacting the estimating department is a good place to begin.  Ask if they have a prequalification form and how to get it.  Be timely in filling out the form…this is their first impression of  your reliability. Ask them how you can receive bids from them. Each contractor’s routine may be unique.   Soon you will be on their bid list and on your way to receiving bids on a regular basis.

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