Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Evacuation Signs are often included in the ADA Sign specs given to sign shops or building managers by the architect. Sometimes when the evacuation sign specs are received, the sign shop or the building manager, or whoever else may be in charge isn’t quite sure what to do with those evacuation sign drawings. We can help, and we can include it in the wholesale ADA Sign order!

Naturally, we all realize that the evacuation signs are very important. As of this writing (Thursday May 25th, 2017), ff you visit OSHA’s website you will see their guidelines for evacuation procedures. Additionally, Osha’s website has a page with an example evacuation map. If you would like to see the text from the Occupational Safety and Health Standards that pertains to evacuation,  It is currently available here, and it is in this section: 1910.38(c).

Besides OSHA insisting that you have evacuation routes posted, and an evacuation plan in place, don’t you want visitors and employees to easily and safely leave your building in an emergency? The Evacuation Map is clearly not a sign you can afford to skip. So don’t!

Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

What to do with those Evacuation Route specs often included in your ADA sign specs from your architect?  A few things:

evacuation route sign by ADA Signs Wholesale
Evacuation route signs could save your business from a large number of terrible outcomes, if they are easily visible and properly placed.
Your ADA Signage throughout your business, has a uniform look. People notice the ADA Signage, even if that individual has no obvious need for the ADA features of the sign. ADA Signs stand out and scream, “Look at me! I’m official!” This is the same message your evacuation route signs should send.

In an emergency, the evacuation route signage, the ADA Signage and the Exit signs must be clear.

ADA Signs Wholesale is already covering your ADA Signs, so why not add on your evacuation signs, as well? The only other option is to pay full price for them elsewhere. Skipping the evacuation route signage is never an option.

Wholesale ADA Signs in Custom Colors

ADA Signs Wholesale Does Color Matching

Wholesale ADA Signs

ADA Signs Wholesale  offers all types of ADA Signs in custom colors. Whatever color you need, we can match it.  See a style in this video that you like? Call us and let’s talk about how we can design a similar sign to meet your needs. Don’t see an ADA Sign that  you like in the video? Talk to us anyway, what do you have to lose? Don’t pay full price for your next ADA Sign project. Outsource that sign project to us!

Also, have a look at our YouTube channel to see more ADA Sign styles.

Wholesale ADA Signs Customized for The Gorilla Glue Factory, Offices and Warehouse

ADA Signage for Warehouses

Wholesale ADA Signs Customized for The Gorilla Glue Factory, Offices and Warehouse!

ADA Signage for Warehouses
ADA Signs with Custom Cut Outs for Gorrilla Glue!

Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale are always glad to start a new ADA compliant sign project. We have to admit though, we have a lot of fun when we get to do something a little different from the usual day to day.

We got to do a project that was just a bit different just the other day. Have you ever heard of Gorilla Glue? Sure you have. It’s the glue in the orange bottle that has a Gorilla on it!

You’ve heard of the glue, you’ve used it, you know it’s good stuff and you know it’s made right here in the USA. But, did you know that Gorilla Glue is based in Cincinnati, Ohio? Don’t take my word for it, check out the virtual tour on their website.ADA Custom Signage for Glue Warehouse

“The Toughest Glue on Planet Earth”, that’s what we’ve always experienced, seen and heard, when it comes to Gorilla Glue products. We know their glue is mighty tough, but the folks at Gorilla Glue were certainly a joy to work with! Everyone we met was very professional and more than happy to go the extra mile to be certain to meet all of the ADA requirements for signage at their Cincinnati Headquarters. They follow ADA regulations to the letter, not only because it is required by law but, because they are committed to serving ALL of their customers, vendors, employees, visitors and anyone else that comes to their business.

When the folks at Gorilla Glue said, “We want a glue bottle on our ADA signs, but it’s most important that we are in compliance with the ADA?” we knew we were in good company. And why shouldn’t they have their flagship product on their ADA Signs? Their glue is their business! Their adhesives are on shelves in thousands of stores all over the USA and Canada. Their glue is how they have jobs, and how they were able to hire us. Naturally, we were glad to help them create the right design.

If you’ve got an ADA Sign project and you need custom made ADA compliant signs at wholesale prices, you should call ADA Signs Wholesale at 1-440-951-6651. Whether you need simple ADA signs, unusual ADA signs or signs that seem complicated, we can do it. Request a quote from us.

Custom Wholesale ADA Signs

Gender Neutral Signs and Laws

Gender neutral ADA restroom sign

Gender Neutral Signs and Laws

Gender neutral ADA restroom sign

ADA Signs Wholesale makes a very special point of keeping up with ADA regulations and proposed regulations. Gender Neutral ADA compliant signage is part of our business.

Did you know that March 1st, 2017 is the deadline for compliance with California Assembly Bill 1732. In case you’re not familiar with this bill, you can see the full text, here.

In the meantime, here’s a direct quote from the California bill:

Requires all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or state or local government agency to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities, and designated for use by no more than one occupant at a time or for family or assisted use, beginning March 1, 2017.

Additionally, did you know that several cities and states already have similar bills in place, or are considering adding the laws?

Gender Neutral ADA sign deadline for California
See California State Assembly Bill 1732.

As of this date, Monday February 13, 2017, a search of the web shows us that several states and cities already have legislation in place for adding Gender Neutral Signage to single-user restroom facilities. Since your city or state could be next to enact a law, maybe it’s time to consider getting ahead of the order and getting your gender neutral signage in place, now.

Even if gender neutral single-user facility signage isn’t yet a requirement in your city or state, it’s still helpful to let visitors to your establishment know that the restroom in question is intended for use by all.

Below is a list of the states and cities (that we found) which already have gender neutral ADA sign requirements. If we’ve missed one, please let us know. We want this list to be as accurate as possible.

State of California:
Compliance Deadline: March 17th

State of Massachusetts:
Compliance Deadline: January 1, 2017

Denver, Colorado:
Compliance Deadline:May 1, 2018

New York City, New York
Compliance Deadline: January 1, 2017

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Compliance Deadline: January 1, 2016

Austin, Texas
Compliance Deadline: Complaint basis only

Washington DC
Compliance Deadline: Has passed

Seattle, Washington
Compliance Deadline: March 9, 2016.

ADA Sign Building Article in Sign Builder Illustrated

ADA Signs Wholesale and Sign Builder Illustrated

ADA Signs Wholesale Featured in Sign Builder Illustrated

The Digital Guide article can be found on page 39 of Sign Builder Illustrated's February 2016 Issue
The Guided Path, page 39

This month (February 2016) we’re proud to announce that we’ve been featured in Sign Builder Illustrated Magazine. The Guided Path article by Mike Antoniak, featuring Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale Co-Founder, Donald O’Toole, can be found on page 39 of Sign Builder Illustrated’s February 2016 Issue.

The Guided Path article covers many aspects of the ADA Sign Project Process, including how sign shop owners can work with us to get their ADA Sign projects completed properly, on time, customized to match decor and within budget.

Check out the article here. If you’re a Sign Shop Owner, we’d love to show you how we can help you earn a profit on your next ADA Compliant Sign Project. Call us at 1-440-951-6651 or email us at quotes

[at] signspdq.com.

Mike Antoniak’s article also covers many of the considerations that should be addressed before embarking on an ADA Sign Project. ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ are committed to getting you the best TRUE wholesale prices, the best quality signs, while helping you understand the correct and compliant method of installation of all ADA signage.


Industry News: Signs PDQ Wholesales Laser Engraved Signs

ADA Signs Wholesale Pricing

laser engraved signsWe offer Laser Engraved Signs at ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ!

A laser engraver and a rotary engraver adds to the product line that Sign PDQ wholesales to the sign industry.  We now can also engrave using metal, acrylic and wood.  The advantage of this quality machine is not only the product line but it speeds up the process of producing engraved signage.  This engraver works in conjunction with our original engraver.  The original engraver produces the braille section of ADA signage using the raster braille method.   These two machines work hand in hand to speed up production of all projects both big and small. Check out this picture of laser engraved signage.


Education: Signs PDQ/Using Standoffs For A Professional ADA Sign

Standoffs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Standoffs by ADA Signs Wholesale draw attention to your ADA compliant signage.

Signs PDQ suggests using standoffs to for a creative look.
Come to Signs PDQ for wholesale ADA/Braille signs with standoffs.

Looking for an attractive way to display your ADA engraved signage?  Try using standoffs.  You can use standoffs to enhance the decor of the building the signs will be displayed in.  The ADA sign that will be displayed should be the center of attention with the standoff drawing attention to the sign.

Standoff ADA Signage comes in a variety of styles.  The amount of space that the sign will “stand-off” from the wall will be determined by the size of the standoff. These ADA standoffs typically can be purchased in several styles and colors of metal.  When choosing the ADA standoff sign keep in mind the material the sign will be made out of.

Signs PDQ can help you with several ideas for you to present to your customer.  We can produce the sign for you at TRUE wholesale prices while you purchase the standoff from the manufacturer.

Education: Wholesale ADA Signs: Knowing What Signs Are Needed

Wholesale ADA Signage
A Variety of ADA Signs
Signs PDQ wholesales ADA/Braille signs.

A General Contractor has called on you to determine what signs will be needed for a project they are building or renovating.  You will want to begin with the number of rooms and restrooms that will exist.  Stairways are also important as signs will be needed to inform visitors that there is an existing stairway and a floor number to inform guests what floor they are on.  Elevators are treated in a similar manner.  Warnings signs stating to use stairways in case of fire ar important.  The owner will decide the quantity of no smoking signs and where they will be hung. Public bathrooms are also important.  Mens, ladies, family restrooms are all part of the plan…just count them!  Wayfinding signage and directories are key to the project depending on the type of building it is.  Evacuation maps will be determined by the architect.  The sign company prints the map and inserts it into the frame. Many times Exit signs are provided by the electrical contractor.  At this time you will sit down with the plans and count the rooms by sign type.  You will use these quantities to formulate your bid.  If you have a question regarding this type of project contact dotoole@signspdq.com.  He will advise you on your next step.

Join Signs PDQ and Learn About ADA Braille Signs

Wholesale ADA Sign Quotes

ADA Braille Signs by Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale

Signs PDQ wants to welcome you to the home of ADA/Braille Engraved signs where we offer TRUE WHOLESALE pricing to sign companies across the U.S.  It is our goal to supply knowledge about ADA signs beginning with finding the opportunities, to compiling the estimate, through installation of the signs.

Lending you our expertise with this process to help you grow your bottom line by including ADA signs to what you have to offer your clients is important to us. ADA/Braille engraved signage as well as installation of it is profitable.  Contact Signs PDQ to begin the transaction.  We look forward to working with you.

Begin a Wholesale ADA Project with Signs PDQ

ADA Signs Wholesale

Your sign company offers a wide variety of products.  When it comes to ADA signage you may be a bit hesitant to bid on that larger project.  Looking at the plans/specs can be overwhelming.  To begin, get an overview of signage needed by taking note of  sign types, materials and quantities. It is important to count each sign type accurately.

This may include: room identification signs, restroom signs, fire escapes, pictograms, wayfinding directional signage, and evacuation signs.  If sign quantities are in question it’s better to error on the high side. Once the signage quantities are in place it’s time to get your estimate. At Signs PDQ we are happy to help you with the process.  If there is a question we’ll assist in getting you the answer…contact us!