Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

Evacuation Signs are often included in the ADA Sign specs given to sign shops or building managers by the architect. Sometimes when the evacuation sign specs are received, the sign shop or the building manager, or whoever else may be in charge isn’t quite sure what to do with those evacuation sign drawings. We can help, and we can include it in the wholesale ADA Sign order!

Naturally, we all realize that the evacuation signs are very important. As of this writing (Thursday May 25th, 2017), ff you visit OSHA’s website you will see their guidelines for evacuation procedures. Additionally, Osha’s website has a page with an example evacuation map. If you would like to see the text from the Occupational Safety and Health Standards that pertains to evacuation,  It is currently available here, and it is in this section: 1910.38(c).

Besides OSHA insisting that you have evacuation routes posted, and an evacuation plan in place, don’t you want visitors and employees to easily and safely leave your building in an emergency? The Evacuation Map is clearly not a sign you can afford to skip. So don’t!

Evacuation Signs by ADA Signs Wholesale

What to do with those Evacuation Route specs often included in your ADA sign specs from your architect?  A few things:

evacuation route sign by ADA Signs Wholesale
Evacuation route signs could save your business from a large number of terrible outcomes, if they are easily visible and properly placed.
Your ADA Signage throughout your business, has a uniform look. People notice the ADA Signage, even if that individual has no obvious need for the ADA features of the sign. ADA Signs stand out and scream, “Look at me! I’m official!” This is the same message your evacuation route signs should send.

In an emergency, the evacuation route signage, the ADA Signage and the Exit signs must be clear.

ADA Signs Wholesale is already covering your ADA Signs, so why not add on your evacuation signs, as well? The only other option is to pay full price for them elsewhere. Skipping the evacuation route signage is never an option.

Why Braille Signage is Required

Learn How ADA Signage Assists the Blind and the Visually Impaired
Braille Signage. An example of correct placement of an ADA Sign.
An example of correct placement of ADA Braille Signage. Taken from the www.ada.gov website. “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design”

Braille signage is in all public places. We see it everywhere, we know there are laws requiring that ADA Signage that is posted, but do you ever think about why its there and why there are so many regulations surrounding the placement of ADA Compliant Braille Signs? 

Here at ADA Signs Wholesale, we recently became aware of a video by YouTuber Tommy Edison called How Blind People Find Braille Signs

that we think does a great job of explaining how important Braille is to the blind. In fact,  How Blind People Find Braille Signs is not his only video. TommyEdisonXP has made many useful and interesting videos about what it’s like to live with blindness.

ADA Signs Wholesale Braille SignsOne thing we love about  How Blind People Find Braille Signs is that Mr. Edison explains why it’s so important to post signs in specific areas and at specific heights.

Imagine arriving at an appointment and not seeing a sign to let you know you’ve reached the correct office. Sighted people would “look” for a sign, right? The blind “feel” for a sign. If the sign isn’t Braille and it isn’t in the right place, how would they find the sign? It’s safe to assume that finding the sign would be difficult. Because of this very issue, being ADA compliant means having the correct sign, in the correct place and at the correct height from the floor. Because of this rule, the blind know to feel for the sign ADA Signs Wholesale Braille Restroom Signbetween 48 inches from the floor and 60 inches from the floor, on the right side of the door.ADA Signs Wholesale Directional Sign

You can learn a lot from his video, check it out! If you have any questions about ADA Braille signs, reach out to ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ today.

SignWORLD Conference 2016

Sign Company Education Session

SignWORLD Conference 2016

SignWORLD Sign Company Education Session

We’re back from the SignWORLD Conference and we are motivated and excited! This year’s conference was everything we hoped it would be. We saw old friends, we made new friends and we ate, drank and slept SIGNS!

It’s always an honor to meet with other Sign Shop owners and find ways to work together to improve our businesses, our brands and the SignWORLD brand, as well. We’re proud to be a part of this professional family of Sign Shops and their owners.

Signs PDQ was honored to receive several awards this year…

-Don and his team won the golf outing!

-We received an award for amount of business ($$$) in the last year.

-We received an award from our peers (7 of us were voted companies that helped others!)

Last but not least…

We received the award for the largest order on the list year…YEAH! We never ever thought we would be recipients of this award. For many years we have attended these conferences and seen companies receive this award. We always aspired to those heights, but it achievement of the dream seemed far in the distance. We are so proud of our recognition… and grateful to our families, colleagues, friends and (last but never least) our SignWORLD Family!

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Signs PDQ is a SignWORLD partner. We can help you with all of your business signage needs.

Want to find out more about how ADA Signs Wholesale can help you profit on your next ADA Sign Project. Click here!

Grow Your Sign Business with ADA Signs Wholesale

Education: Wholesale ADA Signs: Knowing What Signs Are Needed

Wholesale ADA Signage
A Variety of ADA Signs
Signs PDQ wholesales ADA/Braille signs.

A General Contractor has called on you to determine what signs will be needed for a project they are building or renovating.  You will want to begin with the number of rooms and restrooms that will exist.  Stairways are also important as signs will be needed to inform visitors that there is an existing stairway and a floor number to inform guests what floor they are on.  Elevators are treated in a similar manner.  Warnings signs stating to use stairways in case of fire ar important.  The owner will decide the quantity of no smoking signs and where they will be hung. Public bathrooms are also important.  Mens, ladies, family restrooms are all part of the plan…just count them!  Wayfinding signage and directories are key to the project depending on the type of building it is.  Evacuation maps will be determined by the architect.  The sign company prints the map and inserts it into the frame. Many times Exit signs are provided by the electrical contractor.  At this time you will sit down with the plans and count the rooms by sign type.  You will use these quantities to formulate your bid.  If you have a question regarding this type of project contact dotoole@signspdq.com.  He will advise you on your next step.

Join Signs PDQ and Learn About ADA Braille Signs

Wholesale ADA Sign Quotes

ADA Braille Signs by Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale

Signs PDQ wants to welcome you to the home of ADA/Braille Engraved signs where we offer TRUE WHOLESALE pricing to sign companies across the U.S.  It is our goal to supply knowledge about ADA signs beginning with finding the opportunities, to compiling the estimate, through installation of the signs.

Lending you our expertise with this process to help you grow your bottom line by including ADA signs to what you have to offer your clients is important to us. ADA/Braille engraved signage as well as installation of it is profitable.  Contact Signs PDQ to begin the transaction.  We look forward to working with you.

Begin a Wholesale ADA Project with Signs PDQ

ADA Signs Wholesale

Your sign company offers a wide variety of products.  When it comes to ADA signage you may be a bit hesitant to bid on that larger project.  Looking at the plans/specs can be overwhelming.  To begin, get an overview of signage needed by taking note of  sign types, materials and quantities. It is important to count each sign type accurately.

This may include: room identification signs, restroom signs, fire escapes, pictograms, wayfinding directional signage, and evacuation signs.  If sign quantities are in question it’s better to error on the high side. Once the signage quantities are in place it’s time to get your estimate. At Signs PDQ we are happy to help you with the process.  If there is a question we’ll assist in getting you the answer…contact us!

Matching Existing ADA Signs with Signs PDQ

Matching Existing ADA Signs

You have a customer that needs a few ADA signs to match existing signs.  Signs PDQ can certainly help.  It is ideal if you can obtain a live sample for us to match. If this isn’t possible take a photo of your sign from the front and side view.  This will help us determine how the original signs have been built.  Next you can go to Rowmark.com to locate color matches.  As you know, the color you see on your screen may not be exactly the way the end product looks.  It will be close…but may not be exact!

Signs PDQ or Rowmark can provide you with a hard copy catalogue.  There is a possibility that the sign we are duplicating is back painted a custom color.  You can refer to the Sherwin WIlliams color chart.  We would suggest your customer signing off on the chosen colors.  Once colors are in place we will need to know the quantity, size and text. If frames are involved Signs PDQ can certainly recommend a vendor to duplicate the frame.  Standoffs are treated the same way.  The photo you take needs to reflect all of the features of the current signs.

Industry News: Signs PDQ/ADA Wholesale/No Job is too Large or Small

You need a wholesale estimate for ADA/Braille signs to mark up & present to your customer. You can count on Signs PDQ for a quick estimate on any amount of signs.   If your customer needs a couple of ADA compliant signs or an entire building full of signs we can help you.

Our suggestion is to be detailed when you email your estimate request to us.  Contact us for a spreadsheet to use as a guide to get all the important info to us.  Once you receive our estimate you will need to get your quote together.  Our suggestion is to make your estimate as detailed as possible.  This will be helpful not only to your customer but to you.  By adding item numbers, colors, frames, type of ADA sign you will help us get you the correct items quoted but will help you once you are awarded the job.  Bid situations can take a bit of time so making note of specs are extremely important.  When you are awarded the job your life will be much easier when details are available. Need more info? Check out our website.

Industry News: Signs PDQ offers TRUE wholesale pricing on ADA/Braille Signs

You’ve been asked (ITB- Invitation To Bid) by a General Contractor. When a GC requests a bid from you it is obviously courteous to respond.  Not only is it courteous, but this gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with this contractor.  Before you decide if you will be bidding, we advise you to look over the bid and compile a list of questions you may have.  Responding to an estimator in a timely fashion is ideal….the continuing of a relationship. Get your hands on the plans! Most plans are available on line. Many GC’s have on-line plan rooms.  It is possible that they have included the link with the invitation.  If not, you will be instructed on what site to visit in order to view the plans.  If you’re fortunate a “door schedule” will exist and the sign may have been counted for you.  There will be architectural drawings that show you the types of ADA/Braille engraved signs they are looking for.  You will see what type of signs are required.  You may have to count the signs yourself and even determine  the quantity of each style.  If a symbol is designated for each ADA sign style you will need to look for these on the drawings of each level in the building.  Contact Signs PDQ at 440-951-6651  or email dotoole@signs pdq.com.

Industry News: Signs PDQ/Wholesale ADA Signs

Last week Signs PDQ attended a Pre-Bid  meeting held by a local General Contractor in Cleveland, OH.  This particular job includes the rehab of several buildings and one new building. There were many reasons why this meeting was valuable.  We have mentioned throughout our blogs that developing relationships with GC’s is beneficial.  This is an excellent opportunity to achieve this.  Prior to this walk-through we did our homework by studying the blueprints regarding all signage needed.  We formulated any questions we have.  This would be the time to get questions answered. Pre-Bid meetings are great networking events.  We met 25 contractors that may need signage for various projects. We also obtained insight into the project.  Signs PDQ was the ONLY sign company present. Upon returning back to Signs PDQ we had already received an email from the GC regarding a question we asked.  We then began formulating our quote which consisted of  about 300 ADA signs as well as dimensional numbers above the doorway of each building. Once you have counted the signs give Signs PDQ a call and we’ll estimate all ADA/engraved signage.  We’re here to help!  Visit adasignswholesale-48e673.easywp.com