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Apartment Construction ADA Sign Project

When an Apartment building is remodeled, there’s always a need for ADA compliant signage. We recently worked alongside Signs PDQ, our sister company, on the  Waverly Apartments project with Mistick Construction .

Mistick Construction’s revamp of The Waverly Apartments required ADA compliant room signs, wayfinding signs, building directory signs and even an exterior Monument Sign. The goal with any sign project is always to make the client happy. For this project, and this client, that meant:

  • Meeting all ADA requirements, to be sure the building would be in compliance.
  • Creating clear signage that would easily guide all visitors to, and through, the building.
  • Meeting the client’s aesthetic needs. Matching colors and matching materials)
  • Providing the finished product on schedule.
  • Offering the finished signs at a price that worked with the budget.
Adjustable Building Directory Sign
Editable Building Directory Sign by Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale.

The building directory sign for Waverly Apartments, needed to be informative, clear and attractive, but it also needed to be adjustable and resistant to smudges or damage. Additionally, the construction company wanted to plan ahead for changing room locations at a later time.  This meant they needed a sign that was adjustable, or could be “edited”.
Why would a building directory sign need to be adjustable, or edited? In the photo of the directory sign, S4 is clearly the Media Center. However, S4 may, or may not, always be the Media Center. If the building management someday chooses to move the Media Center, or change it’s name, they can simply order new parts for the affected rooms on the sign. If they didn’t have this type of sign, they would need an entirely new sign, whenever they needed to shift rooms.

Rather than purchasing an entirely new sign, if the Waverly changes their room layout, they will most likely only need to change pieces of the sign. The Waverly Apartments Directory Signs have been created to grow and change with the needs of the business.

If you’d like to see more of the sign types offered by ADA Signs Wholesale, we have quite a few! If you don’t see the sign type you want, by all means, just ask us! We design and manufacture virtually any type of sign you can imagine.

If you’d like to see more photos of the Mistick Construction/Waverly Apartments sign project, take a look on the project page over at Signs PDQ.

Got Questions about ADA Signage? We have answers. Let us give you a quote!

Color Match ADA Signs

A Color Match Tip From ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ!

Do you need to match the color of existing ADA Signs in your business?

You have a customer who needs a few ADA signs to match the existing signs. Can you accomplish this? YES!

Although matching existing ADA/ Braille signs can be tricky, following a few steps can simplify the process.

Match Colors of Existing ADA Signs, or Match Signs To Your Decor.

We Can Match Colors of Existing ADA Signs, or Match Signs To Your Decor.

How To Color Match Existing ADA Signs.

1.) Try to get your hands on a sign you want to match. If we can see an example of the sign in person, we can insure that the color, size and style are exact.

2.)  If you cannot bring the sign (or send the sign) to us, be prepared to take several pictures. Naturally a picture straight on is a must but a picture capturing the depth of the sign is also important. This picture will show us the layers of the signs. The more information we have about your sign, the more likely we are to match your ADA sign perfectly to your existing signs and/or your building decor.

3.)  Color:  By looking on line at you can see the wide material types and colors that are available.  Signs PDQ is also happy to mail you a catalogue. Can’t find the color on the Rowmark chart? No worries …you can match the color to a Sherwin Williams or Matthews Paint sample book.  We can determine if the signs are back painted and we will match the exact color you choose.

4.)  Fonts:  As you know, matching the font, as well as the size of it, is very important. The picture you email us will tell the story! 

5.)  Braille Beads:  It’s also important to match the color of the braille beads used on the sign.  More often than not they are clear. 

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

When you order wholesale ADA signs for your client, you expect high quality signs that meet the ADA requirements and your clients specifications. 

Have a look at what some of our clients are saying about ADA Signs Wholesale and Signs PDQ.

ADA Compliant Signs Wholesale prices

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Wholesale ADA Sign Quotes

ADA Braille Signs by Signs PDQ and ADA Signs Wholesale

Signs PDQ wants to welcome you to the home of ADA/Braille Engraved signs where we offer TRUE WHOLESALE pricing to sign companies across the U.S.  It is our goal to supply knowledge about ADA signs beginning with finding the opportunities, to compiling the estimate, through installation of the signs.

Lending you our expertise with this process to help you grow your bottom line by including ADA signs to what you have to offer your clients is important to us. ADA/Braille engraved signage as well as installation of it is profitable.  Contact Signs PDQ to begin the transaction.  We look forward to working with you.

Signs PDQ: Finding the Right ADA Customer is Your Key to Success!

Happy ADA Signs Wholesale Customers

The Right ADA Customer

When it comes to signs finding the right customer is the key to success.  Signs PDQ finds that General Contractors are typically in need of ADA signs.  Finding these general contractors is the first step.  Perhaps your city has the “Bluebook”.  This book lists names of contractors that will be bidding jobs.  See if you can locate your local Builder’s Exchange or Dodge Reports.

Yes, there is a membership fee but they usually offer a no cost trial period.  Contacting the General Contractor is key in this process. This call will begin this relationship. Signs PDQ finds that contacting the estimating department is a good place to begin.  Ask if they have a prequalification form and how to get it.  Be timely in filling out the form…this is their first impression of  your reliability. Ask them how you can receive bids from them. Each contractor’s routine may be unique.   Soon you will be on their bid list and on your way to receiving bids on a regular basis.

Signs PDQ: Formulating The Project Sign Bid for ADA Signs

customers ada signs wholesale

You’ve registered with General Contractors, filled out their Pre – Qualification sheet and hope to receive bid information.  Invitations to bid will ideally arrive via email.

Signs PDQ is involved with the Builder’s Exchange in Cleveland, Ohio.  We have found this to be an excellent source for General Contractors to get connected with us in order to send ITB’s (Invitation to Bid).  Signs PDQ frequently receive invitations that include links for the specs and plans.  These links have really simplified the process.  Utilizing the link that is provided will save time and money.

The Builder’s Exchange also summarizes the sign opportunities several nights a week. This will help you stay on top of what you are currently bidding on, what you have previously bid on and future bids.  If you’re going to do the work to bid on a job you want to get it in front of all the General Contractor’s that will be bidding. Attending pre bid meetings will help you find out who is bidding the project.

This is a GREAT NETWORKING EVENT!  The room is full of companies that will need signs!  Some GC’s will email you directly and may want to know if you plan to bid.  It is always a good idea to respond to their requests when possible…thus building a relationship with them.  Looking over the specs and plans to review if the signs needed are signs you can provide and install.

Be sure to take note of the bid due date.  We have found that this date sticks and although it  may occasionally change, it rarely does.  For more information check out

Getting an RFQ from Signs PDQ for Wholesale ADA Signage!

You have now been marketing to General Contractors and Project Managers by attending Pre-Bid meetings, contacting them for pre-qualification forms and following up with an occasional call or email. You are now hearing about bids and GC’s are reaching out to you for bids.  The plans for these bids need to be obtained.

The Builder’s Exchange is a great place to begin. Many cities have the BX and will offer a trial week so that you can begin to understand what they have to offer.  Once you have the plans in hand (or on your computer!) you want to read the specs to be certain this is a project you want to move forward with.  There will be various sign types on the spec sheet.  Now you will want to go to the Bid/Drawings section of the bid sheet. The category I am speaking to is the interior room signs…ADA signage.

Typically there will be several sign types that you will see drawings of.  Each drawing will be labeled with a specific letter or shape.  You will find this on the interior drawing of the building.  Look for a door schedule that will total up each sign type separately. If this schedule exists…YOU’RE IN LUCK because the signs will be counted for you!  No door schedule?

You will be counting the various signs.  The next step is formulating  your results on a spreadsheet.  Email your info to  We will get back to you Pretty Darn Quickly!  Read more about the process of increasing your  companies bottom line at ADA Signs Wholesale.

ADA Wholesale Signs …getting an estimate from Signs PDQ

Sign Shops Profit with ADA Signs Wholesale

Get an ADA Sign Estimate as soon as you receive an ITB (invitation to bid) on a  project. You’ll need your ADA Signage estimate to help determine if this is a project that would benefit your company.  Will this project be worth all the effort & work you will be putting in?  The tip of the day is to get organized and stay that way!!! Take note of the DATE that the General Contractors want to receive your bid…a late submittal will not work. You will need to list exactly what this project entails.  Exterior signs? Interior signs? Dimensional Letters? Wayfinding and ADA/Braille signs?  My suggestion would be to locate vendors you know and trust to begin the process of formulating quotes.  There will be signs required where you will have to go out of the box to find companies to get quotes from. We have previously written on formulating the ADA sign quote.  You will have segregate each type of ADA sign, directory, way finding sign.  Keep in mind that each project is different.  If you have questions, give an estimator from a GC company that you will be submitting a bid to a call.  Our company, Signs PDQ, is happy to answer questions for you.  You can contact us via email at  It is our goal to be your go-to company for true WHOLESALE pricing on ADA/Braille engraved signs!  To learn more about ADA signs click here!

Industry News: Signs PDQ/ADA Wholesale/No Job is too Large or Small

You need a wholesale estimate for ADA/Braille signs to mark up & present to your customer. You can count on Signs PDQ for a quick estimate on any amount of signs.   If your customer needs a couple of ADA compliant signs or an entire building full of signs we can help you.

Our suggestion is to be detailed when you email your estimate request to us.  Contact us for a spreadsheet to use as a guide to get all the important info to us.  Once you receive our estimate you will need to get your quote together.  Our suggestion is to make your estimate as detailed as possible.  This will be helpful not only to your customer but to you.  By adding item numbers, colors, frames, type of ADA sign you will help us get you the correct items quoted but will help you once you are awarded the job.  Bid situations can take a bit of time so making note of specs are extremely important.  When you are awarded the job your life will be much easier when details are available. Need more info? Check out our website.